If you have recently gone to the mall, perhaps you’ve already observed that the holiday season is fast approaching. Even if Halloween might have recently ended, Thanksgiving will happen right after some time. Because of this, it’s important to prep your home for the holiday season. Perhaps you need to do a deep cleaning of your house and have your yard trimmed and get back in shape. Moreover, given that thanksgiving involves plenty of visitors and more time for food preparation, it’s extremely reasonable to ready your septic system for this hectic moment. To help you with that’s we have listed below a few helpful tips that can help you guaranteed that your septic system will be in tip-top shape on the entire holiday time. 

Remind visitors which things they can flush 

It’s vital to remind your visitors which items or things they can flush down your toilet. If you are unsure about these items, try to do some research for a complete list. If you flush non-flushable items, it can boost the possibility of backups taking place in your system. If you’ve got visitors, these items will be more likely to end up in your toilet, which you should prevent as much as possible. For this to not happen, just remind your visitors what is safe to flush and what materials are non-flushable.  

Prevent loading laundry consecutively 

When you’ve got visitors over for a long period of time, you should refrain from having a “laundry day” on which you consecutively load several laundries. The best thing to take would be to do laundry within the span of several days. Moreover, it’s recommended to just run full loads of laundry to prevent unwanted water consumption.  

Alternate showers 

If you have visitors who plan on staying for several days, you need to think about alternating your schedule for baths and showers. Guarantee that other members of your home shower during the morning and let them at night time. Allow everyone to practice taking shorter showers and think about bathing kids at the same time. Doing such measures can potentially minimize the stress on your system due to the high consumption of water at the same time. 

Have your septic system pumped 

When you can’t recall the last time, you have had your septic system pumped, it would be ideal to do so before you take in visitors. To do this, you may contact a reputable plumber Sterling Heights or a septic system technician today.  

Prepare food in advance 

While you prepare food and cook for a big holiday meal, prepping your cooking work in advance would be a good idea. Make sure to prepare and chop all of the ingredients you need ahead of time or prepare each step of making a dish but cooking. Once you do this in advance, you’ll be using less water as you wash the dishes during the holiday seasons. Moreover, you have to do what it takes to just run full loads of dishwasher and to always use disposable silverware and plates as much as possible.